Re-Instating 3G and 4G Technologies-Thrilling all around the world

In today’s transformed globe a lot supplementary technologies have approached to serve people in the finest yet potential mode they can. The 3G and 4G Technology is surely one of them. It is fairly straightforward that the letter “g” essentially represents” generation” , all the generations ranging from 1G to 4G has provided an uphill in the technology boosting. These technologies are worn in Mobile phones and Smart Phones progression. Let’s have a concise synopsis over the expressions of 3G and 4Gtechnologies.

  3G Technology:
The expression 3G merely refers towards Third Generation standard of Mobile Phones specially Smart Phones and Tablets which is standardized by International Telecommunication Unit mainly known as ITU. This technology simply offers more flexible services for mobile phone end users. It permits mobile network operators to tender more service alternatives and supplementary faster broadband services.

On the contrary of offering the quicker broadband services the chief objective of this technology is to provide other worth added services like Live Streaming, Video calling, IPTV and Cell phone internet access etc. These value added services are offered with 3G as the necessary bandwidth is present with this technology.

  4G Technology:
The expression 4G Technology plainly refers to the subsequent wave of Rapid-speed mobile internet technologies which will be used to restore and reinstate 3G Technology. 4G technology is an IP-based and packet-switched progression of 3G Technology. 4G technology is somewhat fairly five times faster than 3G technologies currently. 4G LTE aspires quicker mobile internet and reliable services for the users for the gadgets like Smart Phones, tablets and laptops.

Divergence between 3G and 4G Technologies:

a)    Broadband Internet:
4G technology offers comparatively higher speed broadband internet connection than 3G Technology. 4G is proficient enough to provide faster internet speed than 3G technology. In countries like South Korea and India laptop, tablets and Smart phone end users have observed a enormous difference 3G and 4G broadband speed. However 3G networks are also unbeatable by 2G in speed but 4G is even faster and bestow approximately 10 times elevated download speed.

b)    Restricted Approach at present:

As the growing crave for internet speed of the globe is rising therefore the mobile network operators have to opt for the attainment of 3G and 4G networks. Currently many countries don’t have these technologies in reach however they are being required by the human race. Although 3G network is present at various countries but 4G is still questionable. Recently the auction has held for the 3G technology in Pakistan as well.

c)    Latency and steadfastness:

In order to attain the best probable connection in which you enjoy the fastest web surfing and live video streaming without the interruptions then 4G is better choice than 3G. It offers the most steadfast connection without dropping your downloads or disconnecting.

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