Nokia Lumia 1020 Price, Specifications and Review

      To evaluate Lumia 1020 is to basically review a dense and simply amazing camera attributes which a Smart Phone can ever have. Crucially you will purchase this phone not just to have a smart phone but obviously because of its stunning 41 MP Pure View camera which has Xenon flashlight to offer you tremendous shots. Lumia 1020 is mainly a compact camera tacked with the Smart phone characteristics in it.

Nokia Lumia 1020 price in Pakistan is about Rs. 48,500.(in Dollar $495 )

·    Smashing Clicks for your memorable Moments:
     The Lumia 1020 is chiefly recognized as a Nokia vital camera phone. It consists 41 mega pixel camera sensors which has some great actions to capture the most unforeseen picture quality that ha dazzled the world to accept it as a crucial camera phone.

·  Encapsulated with Windows 8:
     Lumia 1020 of Lumia series is powered with Windows Phone 8, if you are familiar with the Windows Phone 8 Smart phone before you will get familiar with Lumia 1020 easily. It has Built-in Microsoft Office which offers you to remain creative no matter wherever you are.  The Windows Phone 8 software is generally known as Amber who has some unique features provided by Microsoft itself.


·        Vyclone Feature apprehends Lumia 1020 worldwide:
    This incredible innovation offers you to mix up the ideas which you and friends were only sharing earlier, now you can inter mingle them together via this unbelievable trait of this Camera Phone.

·        Zooming attribute Renovated:
    The 41 mega Pixels pure camera with xenon flashlight is a enormous collection of pixels and offers the great picture quality. It encloses super high resolution with which you can zoom in and out even before and after taking the snapshot.

·        New Pro Cam App:
Now with Nokia Lumia 1020 you can capture images as Pro. Seize your snaps to a innovative level by fine-tune focus, shutter tempo, white sense of balance and more with straightforward and spontaneous controls.

Nokia Lumia 1020 in Pakistan:
    Lumia series are very much in demand in Pakistan as the Lumia mobile prices varies with the models ranging above than the other Smart phones, they become status symbols for the people. Mobile prices in Pakistan are determined by the requirement of the certain phone.

While Lumia 1020 with its bestest ever camera phone is in high demand in Pakistan. Mobile prices and its specifications are  provided in details to offer a massive and dense information about Nokia Lumia 1020.

  Price in Pakistan is approx 48,500 (with out warranty).