Nokia Lumia 1320 Price, Specifications and Review

   Lumia series magic was yet to be unveiled by the arrival of Nokia Lumia 1320. The lumia series have its reasonable Phablet space in the shape of Nokia Lumia 1320. Essentially you will buy this Smart phone if you are fond of having a gigantic and striking Phablet.
 Nokia Lumia 1320price in Pakistan is about Rs. 32,500.(in Dollar $334)    
Nokia Lumia Icon price in Pakistan is about Rs. 21,000.(in Dollar $199 - See more at:

  •      Camera:
            Main camera: 5 MP with LED flash, auto focus
            Front camera: HD 1.2 MP
  •     Display:
            Size: 6''
            Resolution: HD720 (1280 x 720)
  •     Processor:
            Type: Dual-core 1.7 GHz
            Name: ualcomm Snapdragon™ S4
  •     Memory:
         RAM: 1 GB Mass: 8 GB
             Free cloud storage: 7 GB
  •     Talk time:
        2G: 25 hour
        3G: 21 hour
  •     Battery:
         3400 mAh Lion (not removeable)
  •     Charging(Wireless): 
         Built-in (Qi standard)
  •     SIM type: 
          Nano SIM (Micro SIM )
  •     Applications: 
          XBox-Live Hub, Touch UI, DirectX 11

·         Big Design:
Lumia 1320 has 6 inch big screen which generously justifies the definition of “Big”. The big screen proposes the fine-looking view of windows and gives it’s an additional feature of a phablet screen. Rear casing consists of single plastic piece with a matte finish, single body look that snaps on/off easily.

·         Fabricate:
Its build and structure offers us a supreme quality fabrication. The nurture covering is a single bit of plastic along with a lusterless finish that snaps on and off effortlessly and residue securely in place to bestow a unibody experience.

·         Supremacy:
            Equip with Lumia Black, this Smart phone of Lumia series is enclosed with a quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 processor and 1GB of RAM, and among all the traits the topnotch trait is the 4G connectivity which offers super fast downloads and fast connectivity; proper pairing of 3400mAh battery with a less-demanding processor makes it choice of regular users, fully charging may sustain up to two days.

     This handset of Lumia series comes with the stunning software of Windows Phone 8 which facilitates end users with the most delicate and advance features. User can directly use the most important apps even without unlocking the phone. Ranging from skype calls to facebook statuses, twitter tweets to Linkedin updates.

Lumia Mobile Prices In Pakistan:
      Nokia has officially launched its two most demanding and amazing brands of Smart phone in Pakistan officially. On 14th February 2014, Nokia Pakistan has officially launched its lumia series models 1320 and 1520. Although these two Smart Phones were already present in market with reasonable mobile prices in Pakistan but Nokia took an attempt and legitimately commenced the handsets via reality show with a tagline of “Kuch Kar dikha” which astonished the audience in a gigantic way and increased the curiousness in them.

     Price in Pakistan is approx
32,500  (with One Year warranty).

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